Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever." Proverbs 10:25

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More PiNnInG & gRaDuAtIoN

Here are a few more pictures from Pinning and Graduation!

The first is of Me & Haley! We were the "Ha(i)ley's from McMinnville." We definitely spent a lot of time together over the past two years carpooling back and forth to Lebanon, and Clinicals.
AND!!! We both got jobs at CRMC and in the SAME UNIT!!!

Here are a few of our decorated graduation hats (Monica decorated them- Thanks again!)

Cole said he felt like he graduated too! LOL!! He's been really good & understanding throughout this whole journey. It's been a long journey, too!

Me & my best friend Jarrod. He and Stacey came to pinning. She was supposed to be in the picture, but she jumped out at the last second!!

I still just can't believe its over! I thought things would slow down once I graduated and I actually think it has been right the opposite. I've been crazy busy since I finished school, I hope it slows down soon.

UPDATE ON MY MOM- She is doing much better since her knee replacement surgery. Her therapy is helping, but knee replacements usually have long recovery times associated with them, so please keep her in your prayers.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! PiNnInG & BsN gRaDuAtIoN!!!

May 1 was my Nursing School Pinning Ceremony. I thought this day would NEVER come!! It was such a great feeling knowing that all my hard work over the past few years had finally paid off. Many of my friends and family came to the ceremony, which meant a lot to me.

I will start my job as a Registered Nurse Intern at Cookeville Regional Medical Center on June 1 in the Nuero-Muscular Stepdown unit. I'm very excited to start working! I'll be even more glad when my state boards are over, which should be sometime this summer.

I have more pictures from pinning and graduation, but blogger will only hold so many! :) I will post more in a different blog!

Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported me during school. Keep sending those prayers up though- as I still have to pass the Nclex!